Fuel consumption sensor – Diesel Sensor (100cm)


Optional capacitive digital fuel level measuring probe for easyTRACK II modules, for diesel-powered vehicles

  • Capacitive probe for determining the fuel level for diesel powered vehicles.
  • Makes avilable reports and monitoring of fuel level refueling fuel consumption and fuel drainage on the easyTRACK web interface.
  • Has to be installed in the vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • The needed lenght can be obtained by cutting the tube when installing.
  • Parameters:

– dimensions: 100cm

– cable and protecting tube length: 7m

  • Recommended for fuel level monitoring of vans, trucks and machinery
  • Protection: IP68

Technical specification

  • Dimensions
    1025x36x41 mm
  • Weight

Individual alarm functions

  • easyTRACK II BASE connectivity
  • easyTRACK II FULL connectivity

Why we recommend using a lithrometric probe? 

  • Total control of the amount of diesel in tank 24h of 24h
  • It works on any type of vehicle, regardless of the electronics and year of production
  • Very precise compared to the CAN module
  • Size

    1050x200x75 mm

  • Weight

    1.20 kg